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Informational Networking

I’m available and busy in a job search. Hands down the best thing I have done is to connect with Business and Professional Exchange North Central (BPE). I have been privileged to sit at the feet of and learn from Chris Waymire, Master Trainer. He has helped me connect with great people! Sometimes hearing information again from other point of view helps pull the pieces together. That happened for me today.

bigbookpicflanaganRecently at a BPE Panel Discussion, I met Mr. C. Bruce Flanagan. I knew of Mr. Flanagan from multiple references Mr. Waymire shared in class from his book, “It’s Not About You. It’s About Them”. The book is available on Amazon and there is a kindle version. I am pleased that I purchased the book. At the discussion, we agreed to have coffee, and that is how I got to spend some time learning from Mr. Flanagan today.

After he asked me a couple of questions, he made the following suggestions.

  1. Make a list of 10 things you enjoy doing so much you don’t notice the time passing. Then you can list your top 10 skills.
  2. Incorporate your top 10 skills on your personal marketing sheet.
  3. Develop a brief STAR for each of those 10 skills.
  4. When networking, DON’T go to find a job. Instead, visit with people and get to know them. When opportunity presents, ask for 15 minutes of their time to listen to your skills and give you feed back AND tell them you don’t expect them to have a job, you are looking to learn from them.
  5. When you meet, have your personal marketing sheet in order. Talk through your skills with them and listen to their thoughts – take notes – they are important. HONOR THE TIME. At the end of the 15 minutes, ask for two people they think you should be talking with. That’s all.
  6. In the end you will have great information, your skills will be considered, and you have other people to talk with.

I’ve been in BPE with Mr. Waymire long enough that all of that was info I had heard in the past. Today, I was able to put the pieces together just a bit more. Special thanks to Mr. Waymire and to Mr. C. Bruce Flanagan for their efforts and time.

Looking for a job?  Me too!  There’s a LOT of help available! Know that it’s a full time job to find a job. In Indiana, let me URGE you to connect with Business and Professional Exchange. My chapter is BPE North Central. There are BPE chapters all over the state. If you aren’t in Indiana, find a comparable group!



BPE Shout Out to Brooksource!

The fine brooksourcelogofolks at Brooksource have a reputation for doing good stuff. I had the pleasure of meeting Justin Flynn and Paige Fehr at PMICIC’s Professional Day in the fall. I was really impressed with their professionalism in representing their company. I was very excited when Business and Professional Exchange (BPE) invited it’s membership to a networking meeting at the Keystone facility in Carmel. In addition to visiting with Just and Paige, I met Alison Agnew and Connor Killoren. I enjoyed reconnecting with Justin and Paige, and getting acquainted with Allison and Connor. These are top notch professionals who have a lot to offer in IT project support.

bpelogoIn addition to meeting Brooksource staff, I was in the room with the great people of BPE. It was great to reconnect with friends I have made over the past few months, who give their time to help others enter or re-enter the professional job market.

Brooksource gave a wonderful presentation not only about the company with tips on working with recruiters, but also an informative message on interviewing from the recruiter’s perspective. I always learn something at these events. bpelogo-7Some of the info was exactly in sync with what we have been learning at BPE Northcentral. But there was also some new and helpful information and suggestions given.

The Q & A session was also helpful to me. My fellow BPE members and alumni asked very good questions and received beneficial info from Brooksource.

If you are in Indiana and seeking a professional career, let me highly recommend that you connect with BPE. There are chapters throughout the state. My chapter is BPE North Central covering Kokomo and Lafayette. There is real help available. It is the right place to go for help. Also, if you are looking to pursue an IT Position, IT Project Management or Development, contact one of the fine Brooksource folks listed above. They can help!

What I Got at WVLN this Month

If you are interested in any workplace improvement of any kind in Indiana, you owe it to yourself to know about Wabash Valley Lean Network. I was introduced by Chris Waymire of Business & Professional Exchange North Central as a way to interact with forward thinkers in industry.  I am so grateful for this opportunity. WVLN meets monthly (usually at SIA in Lafayette) to discuss the application of Lean principles in various environments. This is is always a beneficial experience! Notes from the speakers are posted on the WVLN site. Here is what I gained from the February 5, 2015 meeting.

Visual Management. Lean principles focus on 5S, or more broadly, visual management. It’s about how can you visualworkplacestructure the workplace visually to eliminate the waste of redoing things. Rhonda Kovera of Visual Work Place Inc presented fabulous options for affordable and professional workplace visual management improvement. Much of this presentation was tailored for the manufacturing environment, however it has wide reaching application potential. I’ll have my eye on this was I proceed further into Project Management. In addition, Tim Martin of Martin & Bell Group, LLC presented a number of examples of visual management in the healthcare environment.

BraunAbility. I always learn something from talking to people at WVLN. There were several representatives from BraunAbility in attendance. I had a great conversation with John Lawrence about the company. He told me about the history and the mission of this great company whose wheel chair bound founder had to figure out how to get to work. Now BraunAbility manufactures wheelchair accessories for mini vans for people all over the country, right here in Winamac, Indiana.

If you are inglc-logosmallterested in learning more about the opportunities at WVLN, contact Pete Wagoner of Greater Lafayette Commerce.

The Problem With Education is the Teachers | Melissa Hughes, Ph.D. | LinkedIn

Several years ago I sat on the sideline and watched two soccer coaches and a referee have it out on one of the field during a young elementary game. Colorful cards flew and blew. Us parental types watched a while until something else caught our attention. Both teams of kids, on their own, went to the other end of the field and started kicking the ball around. Long before the “adults” figured out their stuff, the kids figured out what to do with a lot of drama over NOTHING!

I’ve learned in my pursuits in project management, that connecting with and understanding the stakeholders of a project is not optional. It is crucial to the success of a project. The PM can only delegate to a point. He or she must deeply understand the expectations of all involved.

This floods my mind when I hear someone blame economic problems on teachers. Rare is the administrator that understands his or her staff, much less the politician that has a clue of “stakeholdership” other than the ballot box.

Melissa Hughes, Ph.D., explains what is really going on. Brief read that effectively covers a lot of ground. Check it out!

The Problem With Education is the Teachers | Melissa Hughes, Ph.D. | LinkedIn.

The Truth About Porn Moms Need to Know – iMom

Dana Hall McCain wrote this article on    The Truth About Porn Moms Need to Know – iMom.  Wonderful article that highlights staggering realities of our times. These truths about porn are disturbing, and yet we must deal with them.

Stand up comics, sitcoms, and some music (and some music award shows) preach that porn is normal and an expected part of life. Mix that up with the convenience of our technology and there is trouble in the making. Many students speak the language of technology better than their parents. Just as with so many other “keeping up with the Jones” things, we should provide high speed internet – and who would think of being so controlling and invasive as to monitor and regulate it. Besides, it’s a real pain.

This trouble in the making is that it’s more of a virus than an explosion. It shows itself in attitudes and preferences. The effects can hide for years, and later surface in time to melt the intimacy of marriage away, and then the family pays for the sickness. It normalizes not only behavior that is destructive and wrong, but holds as the standard – evil goals for the impressionable mind. And on top of that, it cradles the soul to the fantasized ever moving target of addiction.

Think putting safeguards around the Internet in your house is a pain? It is! Expensive? Yes. Never ending challenge? Yep. But think it compares to a lifelong struggle of breaking this addiction?   Before deciding if it’s worth it, talk to someone who is in that place. Suddenly, the cost of avoidance is minuscule in comparison.

It’s not a fair fight! We can’t do nothing.

7 Question Types All Great Communicators Master

I recently encountered the work of Sardek Love. I reached out to him on LinkedIn and he immediately responded with kind willingness to help me on my journey. I couldn ‘t keep this info from my friends. I haven’t read the entire blog yet, but quickly ran upon an article that addresses one of my passions: communicating clearly. Check it out!

7 Question Types All Great Communicators Master | Infinity Consulting and Training Solutions.

Work, Career & Jobs @ 40+: What is Success?

Today at BPE in Fishers, Indiana, we had a delightful speaker. Brenda Johnson spoke on Success in Autumn. She shared wonderful tips on job seeking when you aren’t “as young” as you might wish to be. Her stories and her obvious care for the participants in the class were powerful. Below is a link to an excellent article on her blog!

Work, Career & Jobs @ 40+: What is Success?.

In Job Pursuit?

In my transition from ministry to project management, I was sure no one would really care. I can tell you that is just not true. I help bring about products, services, and results. I believe I am better positioned for this challenge than ever.

I knew my job was going to end almost a year before it did. I transitioned from the ministry to project management. I didn’t know what to expect but was hoping for a fast transition. But it hasn’t been… it has been a gradual transition.

You are not alone in a job search! There are tons of people who care about your success. I have been taking notes along the way. I want to share what I’ve learned so far with whomever it might benefit. My notes are published here:

Passing The PMP Exam

PMP30yearI want to return the favor for the many who have helped me along the way in becoming PMP Certified. Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional Certification has been around a long time. It is widely recognized and is global in nature.

I transitioned from the ministry to Project Management. I have been managing projects in the church environment for most of my career. Much of Project Management is about interpersonal relationship building skills — which is something I love. I wanted to add technical business skills to my toolbox, thus my journey with the PMP.

I passed recently, with a big sigh of relief. One of the most pleasant parts of the journey has been willingness and energy of the dozens of people along the way who have been encouraging and helpful. I wanted to return the favor, so I made notes along the way, and have posted them for whoever might benefit from them at Russell’s PMP Help.


Witness for Jesus

I asked a number of friends to tell me what the words WITNESS FOR JESUS brings to their mind. Here are the responses so far. Great stuff!

  • Bringing the light out inside us……..being good examples to others….
  • Standing for the truth of Christ, even when others have their own opposing case against us.
  • To be a witness for somebody, you have to know them. Apostles – face to face time with Jesus to know him. Paul ultimately spent time with Jesus with he was hung on the cross, in the desert, etc. We have to spend time with Jesus to be a witness. Must be in His Word, in Prayer, and live His Life!
  • Isn’t there some expression about letting your walk talk and your talk walk??? Anyway…that’s what comes to my mind immediately…
  • Remember we are an extension of Him, and think of everyone we come in contact with as a future member of Gods family. When they see us they should “witness” Him through our words and actions.
  • from my 10 year old: see things that Jesus does, from my 13 year old: you are witnessing all the good things that Jesus is doing for people. From me, the mom: Giving God the glory when I am noticed for the things I do as a result of my love for Him. Not being afraid to tell others what Jesus has done for me
  • Imitating Him, acting as He would, interceding for people who don’t have anyone.
  • Denying yourself.
  • Going above and beyond the norm with people who don’t believe yet in everything even little stuff. Specially the little stuff.
  • Someone constantly telling others how God is using them for his purpose.
  • Let them see God in me, even if they don’t know my name.
  • It means that I tell others about Jesus, His church and how much He loves them and wants them to live eternally with Him.
  • Reminds me that not only do I deliberately witness for Jesus at specific times, but in the way I live my life, every day choices and words, are a witness whether I’m realizing it or not. Big challenge to live my life in keeping with what I say I believe.
  • Living the LIFE: ALWAYS considering others better than yourself, EVEN when they do not treat you in a fair manner.  Always being the peacemaker, even if you have to crawl to get the job accomplished.  Always forgiving because Christ forgave us. If we fail to do this we have failed to be a witness that moment, day. etc.
  • One who attests of a fact or event, or one that can give evidence. Someone who is called upon to and is able to testify to the facts or event because they were present to view such.  ie, God called His people, His witnesses, Isa. 43:10. The apostles acknowledged themselves to be such in Acts 22:15 and 26:16. Jesus being “faithful witness”.

Back To School Pics

Those who got to attend our Back to School Party on August 11, had a blast. Here are some picts for your enjoyment. Share your thoughts with the Contact Form Below.

VBS Opportunities This Week

Two Special Opportunities to Help with VBS are this week!!


Wednesday at 3:00 (7/17)

Our fabulous drama team is videoing for our skit production for VBS. I can’t wait to see the amazing things they will come up with. Anyone can help… we need lots of “crowds”!!  Feel free to use the response box below to volunteer or ask questions.


Friday at 10:00 a.m. (7/19)

We are gathering at the Building to work on Craft Preparations, Decorations, and Blow Up Posters. We’ll scrap up some munchies including some Robin Helm cookies.  Feel free to use the response box below to volunteer or ask questions.

Pictures From Oklahoma

This Form In Case You Have questions. Many Photos Below…

The Organization we worked with: