Jane and Kari have supported Derchie and Kojo’s efforts for a number of years. They have been invited to Ghana to not only see the work but also to participate in things like teaching classes for ladies and helping serve in any way they can in August 2019. Jane and Kari are also very thankful to the ladies at the Oakland and Mountain Home churches of Christ, who have been very generous to give to help the children over the years. They hope to bring the story home to encourage the sisters as well as they speak to groups of women. Here are some things that have been accomplished over the years:

  • Freezer provided to the school.
  • Medical Insurance so the Children can see a Doctor—No treatment otherwise
  • Sunday School children’s classes collect coins in cans for food for the kids
  • Regular monthly support is given to the schools
  • Medical treatment and medicine is being provided for Kojo something not available in Ghana
  • Collecting funds to drill a well for Kojo to water his garden to grow food for the children
  • And many other things.

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