Two Schools for Kids

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This project involves two schools for children in Ghana. One is located in the capital, Accra, and the other in the town of Agona Swedru.


A number of years ago, Jane Maynard and her late husband Leo, along with Derchie and Rosina Davies, started a small church of Christ school in the area. Derchie and Rosina live in Accra and work with the children helping them gain education and caring for them as well. This effort has grown significantly.

children march 1This project involves not only education, but also meeting some of the very basic needs of the children. The manual labor involved in this as well as funding needed for basic things, such as food, clothing, and transportation is large and growing.

The Davies were so touched by the support they have received, that they named their daughter “Jane” . Jane is completing high school.

Agona Swedru

The Maynards and their friend Kari Martin, have also been involved  with and supporting another church of Christ school, this one located in the town of Agona Swedru. They work with Kojo Aquah Beenyi to carry on this work.

children march 2Basic needs in Ghana are scarce. Kojo gardens to feed family and the children. Supplies are limited and the most fundamental needs can be difficult to meet. For example, the 340 children in the school receive a “full meal” three times per year in place of their normal ration of rice or corn or beans. Ladies’ classes in the U.S. help pay for these meals.



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