Welcome!  I’m Russell, but most people call me  Rusty.  I’m a project manager in Kokomo, Indiana and I also freelance as a digital strategist through InterGenLink.net. I love to connect with other professionals and I love to learn. I welcome the opportunity connect with you about my journey in Project Management or to talk about how I can be of help to you.

Here’s a Guide for using this site:

  • InterGenLink – Will tell you about my digital strategy availability.
  • Why Me? – Is a pretty extensive explanation of my qualifications to do what I do.
  • Agile – Documents my journey into Agile Project Management.
  • Jobs – Suggestions to people who are seeking work because it’s a job to look for a job.
  • PMP – I appreciated those who helped me achieve this certification and I scropped-maynard-russell-2hare my lessons learned.
  • Blog – Is my Overall Blog which is a little different than the ones on InterGenLink or Agile.
  • Connect – How to reach me and a bit about family and my past work.
  • Ghana – A Page I put up to help my 74 year old mom share news with her supporters as she prepares for a mission trip to Ghana in 2019.

I’m looking forward to Connecting with You!




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