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I have transitioned from the ministry to project management. I have learned a great deal from reading and connecting online, but most of what I have learned so far has been from face-to-face interactions. It’s no secret to those in the ministry that effectiveness comes at a price of long days and weeks, all the while being asked what it’s like to work one day per week by those not in the ministry. I’m educated and was sure I knew what to do.

I learned that the economy has changed and what I knew no longer applies to many positions in the business world. There is a wealth of information to discover on that topic, but I want to focus in this area on practical ways to get up to speed and locate that next step.

I have been blessed to accept a position with cfd Investments, Inc. in Kokomo, my hometown. I’m not an expert by any means, just sharing what I have learned in case it will benefit anyone else. I have made notes in these sections:

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