Back In The Day

I live so much in the “now”.  Mainly focusing on what I have not yet accomplished.  It’s the whole evaluate, improve, evaluate and so forth. I was reminded and very humbled recently when my mom (Jane Maynard) gave me a bulletin I produced 33 years ago for a small congregation named Dawt Church of Christ. This small congregation meets in a one room building, then heated by a wood stove in the middle of the room, and cooled by an attic fan – on the banks of the North Fork River. It’s just up a dusty path from Dawt Mill.

John and Jarretty Nesbitt attended there so many years ago. Recently, the family discovered this bulletin and picture in Jarretty’s belongings.  I don’t remember the bulletin nor the obviously fashionable trends I sat as a freshmen in High School in 1980.  I’m humbled that Sister Jarretty valued the topic of prayer so much that she kept something I have long forgotten about.

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