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When in a job search (either to find a job or to move to a different job) It’s crucial to find the right local and accessible resources. The popular Job Search Engines probably won’t help you much and Linked In is powerful but lacks some pieces that a local resource can provide. Just go ahead get it in your mind that this is likely not a problem Google, or Career Builder, Monster, or any of host of sites out there will solve. You need to find people you can interact with you who know what they are doing. The rest of this article pertains to powerful resources in Indiana. I’m confident you can find great folks like there where you are, but you’ll have to dig for it when you are Networking.

Here were my Three Great Finds in Indiana. If you are Indiana in a job search, don’t let anything stop you from connecting quickly and completely with these three resources.

  1. Business and Professional Exchange.
  2. Work One.
  3. Passport to Employment.

After encouragement from my friend, I began attending one of Indiana’s best kept secrets. There is an organization here called Business and Professional Exchange (BPE). Actually, I attend a chapter of BPE but there are several throughout the state. I share this because it’s a well kept secret. I hope more people can find help like this.bpe

After I got over the initial tense feeling of having to introduce myself in 30 seconds or less, I quickly began to see the reasoning. I now have an armory of materials to help in a number of areas such as:

Developing A Resume.  Very important because recruiters and hiring managers only have less than 10 seconds to look at your resume, that is the ones that make it through the computer screens. I was mistaken hiring managers are looking for in a resume. It’s not impossible, it’s just different.

Cover Letters. I thought were optional and a hassle for the recruiter. Not so. And there’s a reason for it.

Networking. Only so much can be done at a desk in many jobs, and it’s no different looking for a job. Our leader at Kokomo, Chris Waymire (cwaymire@tap.Lafayette.in.us), is a networking expert and renown mentor and coach. Since I met him, I haven’t had much of a career question that I don’t ask him. He also facilitates a BPE group in Lafayette, Indiana.

Interviewing. We have had several lessons on how to interview. There’s a lot one can do to prepare and it’s worth it.

Tools.  Learn about business cards, job cards, and personal marketing sheets, and their value when networking.

Other Chapters. There are chapters for BPE all over the state of Indiana, and it’s growing. One nice perk with my Kokomo membership is that I can attend any BPE chapter. I frequently attend the Fishers BPE, which is closer to where I’m searching most.

Our local employment office is Work One. Until I learned better at BPE, I thought WorkOne was just the place people go to get unemployment. I work under a contract, so that doesn’t exist for me. I was very wrong.

At our Work One, I found very kind people who were interested in helping me find a job. While some of their focus is more for skilled trades employment, there are many offerings that professionals can use to gain skills, find job leads, use career assessments, and other tools to find jobs. I would strongly encourage anyone in Indiana to check it out. If you are in another location, you may need to do some research to find out about it. Bear in mind that the work onegovernment at the federal and state level are pouring money into these efforts to get the job markets to grow.

As with BPE, WorkOne exists in many Indiana cities. I have also had Work One Fishers recommended as particularly friendly to professionals entering the work place.

passportAnd then last, a powerful group called “Passport to Employment” is a premier resource you simply must know about. It’s a church ministry – so don’t overlook how much a church ministry of this nature can help. It is comprised of a wonderful group of retired professionals who felt called to use their skills to help others find employment. Looking for an easy way? You won’t find it. Finding a job is really hard work. Mr. Hart, the director, says finding a job is the hardest job you will ever have. However, just like BPE and WorkOne, if you follow the recommendations of Passport, you will shorten your job search – I promise you.



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