Two Sisters in Christ

Meet Kari Martin on the left and Jane Maynard on the right.  They both are Bible teachers of women. Jane has been speaking across the U.S. for over 50 years. They have a passion for ministering to women.


Jane has faithfully served the Lord while Arkansas and Mississippi have been where she called home. Now widowed, she has committed the remainder of her life to the ministry of women. However, she is family oriented and her children and her grandchildren are the most important thing next to God in her life. She is known for feeding the hungry, touching the hurting,  listening to the burdened, and speaking God’s word to ladies’ events.

Kari has worked with Jane for many years on many events. She cares for her family in Arkansas and manages her career. She speaks at ladies’ events as well and is a devoted mom and grandmother.

Jane and Kari make quite the team. They are passionate not only about the ministry to ladies, but they are driven to support the work in Ghana, West Africa. They work tirelessly to help support both the schools for the children and the ministry of Derchie and Kojo as they minister and train men to preach the Word.

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