Pepper Jack & Brew

I started this Blog when I was between jobs and had time to document walking my dogs. I began working at a law firm in Indy and didn’t find time for a while for walking the dogs or posting like I had planned. Unfortunately, during this time, one of the heroes of my blog, Pepper Jack, passed away. For now, I’ll keep the PepperJackBrew, but it’s now just Brew. So Meet him!

This is Brewster (Brew)


Brewster is now our 70lb – and growing golden doodle puppy that’s just too big. He joined us earlier in 2020 through a comedy of events. We “thought” he was a mini…he isn’t. We “thought” he was hypo allergenic… he isn’t. He reminds me of an early junior higher… his brain hasn’t gotten used to his leg length – not to mention he has zero attention span. We should have called him Dory… 

Brew is a fun dog to have! He’s a sweet as can be and really wants to be a lap dog, but he’s just too big – but he still tries.  I was trying to document our walks in the past, and I hope to get back to that, but for now, there will be…  a little of this and and a little of that. These are my stories with my dog and I hope they lighten your day.


New Hairdo

On Labor Day I mowed the yard, after I mowed Brew… He was actually really good and patient for his haircut. Patience is not Brew’s strength, but he held pretty still for the most part. He doesn’t look very good, cause I’m an amateur — he looks like a poorly peeled orange – so Logan…

Said Bye to a Friend

Pepper started stumbling once in a while about a year or so ago. It got slowly more pronounced, and very recently it got bad enough that he could not stand at all or go to the bathroom. Regrettably all was done that could be done and we had to tell him bye. I’m pretty tough…

Merry Christmas

I’m so grateful for the greatest news that would not have made the news of our day… News that rises far above the chaos of 2020… News that really matters… The Savior is Born