Pepper Jack & Brew

Been spending quality time with my dogs lately – getting in my steps with them. It’s become eventful and some of our stories are below — ready for you to click on and hopefully enjoy. But first meet Pepper and Brew.

This is Pepper Jack


Pepper is our 20lb shih tzu-bichon that’s been in our family since 2011. He and I are a lot alike… we are set in our ways… think we are big deals… and require our beauty rest… and can be a little grumpy. He’s hypo allergenic which worked well for our family.

This is Brewster (Brew)


Brewster is now our 50lb and growing golden doodle puppy that’s too big. He joined us earlier in 2020 through a comedy of events and because we “thought” he was hypo allergenic too… he isn’t. He reminds me of an early junior higher… his brain hasn’t gotten used to his leg length not to mention he has zero attention span. We should have called him Dory… 

All in all, they are fun dogs. Brew wants to play with Pepper, Pepper’s having none of that… Most of the time, I take them for walks around our neighborhood while trying to keep them apart… and it’s almost always a story worthy event. These are my stories with Pepper Jack and Brew. I hope they lighten your day.


Merry Christmas

I’m so grateful for the greatest news that would not have made the news of our day… News that rises far above the chaos of 2020… News that really matters… The Savior is Born