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New Hairdo

On Labor Day I mowed the yard, after I mowed Brew…

He was actually really good and patient for his haircut. Patience is not Brew’s strength, but he held pretty still for the most part. He doesn’t look very good, cause I’m an amateur — he looks like a poorly peeled orange – so Logan put a shirt on him for this pose.

Fresh with a tummy full of treats and just having had a bath, here he is. Being truthful, Brew really was not a fan of clothes… so the shirt went away pretty quickly.

Said Bye to a Friend

Pepper started stumbling once in a while about a year or so ago. It got slowly more pronounced, and very recently it got bad enough that he could not stand at all or go to the bathroom. Regrettably all was done that could be done and we had to tell him bye. I’m pretty tough on these things, but not this time. Everyone has been wonderful and kind. Pepper, you treated us well and I hope we treated you as well. Farewell, friend.