The Problem With Education is the Teachers | Melissa Hughes, Ph.D. | LinkedIn

Several years ago I sat on the sideline and watched two soccer coaches and a referee have it out on one of the field during a young elementary game. Colorful cards flew and blew. Us parental types watched a while until something else caught our attention. Both teams of kids, on their own, went to the other end of the field and started kicking the ball around. Long before the “adults” figured out their stuff, the kids figured out what to do with a lot of drama over NOTHING!

I’ve learned in my pursuits in project management, that connecting with and understanding the stakeholders of a project is not optional. It is crucial to the success of a project. The PM can only delegate to a point. He or she must deeply understand the expectations of all involved.

This floods my mind when I hear someone blame economic problems on teachers. Rare is the administrator that understands his or her staff, much less the politician that has a clue of “stakeholdership” other than the ballot box.

Melissa Hughes, Ph.D., explains what is really going on. Brief read that effectively covers a lot of ground. Check it out!

The Problem With Education is the Teachers | Melissa Hughes, Ph.D. | LinkedIn.

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