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Witness for Jesus

I asked a number of friends to tell me what the words WITNESS FOR JESUS brings to their mind. Here are the responses so far. Great stuff!

  • Bringing the light out inside us……..being good examples to others….
  • Standing for the truth of Christ, even when others have their own opposing case against us.
  • To be a witness for somebody, you have to know them. Apostles – face to face time with Jesus to know him. Paul ultimately spent time with Jesus with he was hung on the cross, in the desert, etc. We have to spend time with Jesus to be a witness. Must be in His Word, in Prayer, and live His Life!
  • Isn’t there some expression about letting your walk talk and your talk walk??? Anyway…that’s what comes to my mind immediately…
  • Remember we are an extension of Him, and think of everyone we come in contact with as a future member of Gods family. When they see us they should “witness” Him through our words and actions.
  • from my 10 year old: see things that Jesus does, from my 13 year old: you are witnessing all the good things that Jesus is doing for people. From me, the mom: Giving God the glory when I am noticed for the things I do as a result of my love for Him. Not being afraid to tell others what Jesus has done for me
  • Imitating Him, acting as He would, interceding for people who don’t have anyone.
  • Denying yourself.
  • Going above and beyond the norm with people who don’t believe yet in everything even little stuff. Specially the little stuff.
  • Someone constantly telling others how God is using them for his purpose.
  • Let them see God in me, even if they don’t know my name.
  • It means that I tell others about Jesus, His church and how much He loves them and wants them to live eternally with Him.
  • Reminds me that not only do I deliberately witness for Jesus at specific times, but in the way I live my life, every day choices and words, are a witness whether I’m realizing it or not. Big challenge to live my life in keeping with what I say I believe.
  • Living the LIFE: ALWAYS considering others better than yourself, EVEN when they do not treat you in a fair manner.  Always being the peacemaker, even if you have to crawl to get the job accomplished.  Always forgiving because Christ forgave us. If we fail to do this we have failed to be a witness that moment, day. etc.
  • One who attests of a fact or event, or one that can give evidence. Someone who is called upon to and is able to testify to the facts or event because they were present to view such.  ie, God called His people, His witnesses, Isa. 43:10. The apostles acknowledged themselves to be such in Acts 22:15 and 26:16. Jesus being “faithful witness”.

Pray for “Z”

This day started in a fog, literally.  Two-hour school fog delays are awesome for just about everyone, but me. I don’t really care much for them.  I was late to a meeting with some great brothers to discuss our tight churches finances. These brothers are amazing, but what I’ve written alone should tell you the excitement of the work.  Then, finally back in my office, I contemplated the ramifications of a possible delay in pay checks, etc…  and then I got a call about ‘Z’.

I know more about Z, that I can’t publish, for this 19 year old Christian’s sake. You see, Z’s Muslim family, from another country, permitted Z to come to the States for an education.  Z was recently baptized into Christ, and word has made it all the way home. Z must return  home soon. If Z recants Christianity and again practices Islam, Z will likely live. If not, death is sure. Z said of this, “how can I forsake my Lord who I have only just gotten to meet? I know what waits me.”

My kids went school today and used their newly provided Ipads in class. I’m going to a football game where my son’s team is playing later today. Yesterday, I attended church services, and was so blessed to be with God’s kids and their families. Our church is organizing to pray daily for all 98 of our kids from Nursery through College. This is a tremendous blessing. I’m simply blessed beyond measure.  And then I noticed something that shames me. My thoughts first went to my blessings, which is all very true.  BUT, I didn’t jump to the love of Jesus.

Z has brought to me a huge reminder.  While the Lord is my greatest blessing, that wasn’t what I first typed… and while I’m tempted to edit… I won’t.  Z is living out my Jesus’ words literally! Is Z’s life in Jesus less valuable than mine? Z’s story makes me sad – how could this be? And Z’s life gives me great encouragement! Not one bit of any effort, funds, or sacrifice for the young is wasted. Perhaps, had I the vision of Z, I would talk less about broken government and healthcare, and a lot more about my Jesus. My Lord. I’m wondering if I’m alone in that?

If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it.  What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self? If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels  (Luke 9:23-26).

Calling on Moses

Moses wasn’t called to do anything easy. His life bears out the challenges that he faced. God set him on a path at the burning bush that would profoundly change not only his life but history as well. Our focus this year is to not allow those moments of history to be relegated to an occasional reading or teaching—but to allow the reality of God’s intervention to engross us. By the way, Jesus called us as Christians to a clear purpose. We articulate that in our goal of “loving people one step closer to Jesus.”  It is my prayer that MWLTC, rather than becoming a side event we acknowledge or even tolerate, but instead bring to life in our congregation and our kids, the power of God’s call to us today. Here’s some things currently happening with mwLTC in general.

  • We working really hard to get guidelines reviewed and available. All will be posted at
  • We are adding at least two events this year. One is the Spoken Word, which is really exciting. We are going to call this a BETA event, which means we are trying it out. While there are guidelines, they are general, no evaluations, all who step up will get a participant and be helping get the activity fine tuned.  We are also opening up an option for Bible Reading and Bulletin Boards to be done at home.
  • We are looking to sponsor and area wide  youth rally of sorts at Green Valley on November 9. More info to come.