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The Truth About Porn Moms Need to Know – iMom

Dana Hall McCain wrote this article on    The Truth About Porn Moms Need to Know – iMom.  Wonderful article that highlights staggering realities of our times. These truths about porn are disturbing, and yet we must deal with them.

Stand up comics, sitcoms, and some music (and some music award shows) preach that porn is normal and an expected part of life. Mix that up with the convenience of our technology and there is trouble in the making. Many students speak the language of technology better than their parents. Just as with so many other “keeping up with the Jones” things, we should provide high speed internet – and who would think of being so controlling and invasive as to monitor and regulate it. Besides, it’s a real pain.

This trouble in the making is that it’s more of a virus than an explosion. It shows itself in attitudes and preferences. The effects can hide for years, and later surface in time to melt the intimacy of marriage away, and then the family pays for the sickness. It normalizes not only behavior that is destructive and wrong, but holds as the standard – evil goals for the impressionable mind. And on top of that, it cradles the soul to the fantasized ever moving target of addiction.

Think putting safeguards around the Internet in your house is a pain? It is! Expensive? Yes. Never ending challenge? Yep. But think it compares to a lifelong struggle of breaking this addiction?   Before deciding if it’s worth it, talk to someone who is in that place. Suddenly, the cost of avoidance is minuscule in comparison.

It’s not a fair fight! We can’t do nothing.

Thanksgiving Eve 2013

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family and friends, AND KIDS!  This year on Wednesday Night we joined our classes together for a THANKFUL Party. We made cookies and cards, did crafts, played games and watched Madam Blueberry who was not a happy berry until she was thankful. Good video to watch at any age. Anyway, we ended with a short devo, stacked with sugar and ready to go home with parents.  WONDERFUL TIME!! Here are a few pictures. Some of them are blurry… sorry about that.