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Free Early Childhood Center

At a Business and Professional Exchange meeting today, I met Dr. Skinner. She is a long time Kokomoan and has contributed highly to our community and to the Kokomo School system. She operates a special education childhood center I wanted to let you know about. I visited the center and it’s really cool!! Check this out!

Parents are the first teachers from birth until the child enters school. The Very Early Childhood Education Center located in the Inventrek Building wants to help you be your child’s best first teacher. The program is FREE!

  1. They will send you a newsletter each month with ideas and suggestions.
  2. They will loan you a tote of toys and books each month that is appropriate for the age of your child (ren).
  3. They have a wonderful Activity where YOU can help your child learn through play. Painting, clay, blocks, crafts, toys, using imagination, bowling, hop scotch, bean bag toss, and much more.

The center is located in the Inventrek Building at 700 E. Firmin, Kokomo. It is room 208. They are open Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Give them a call at 457-0858 ext 219 or drop by for a visit during open hours. An adult (parent, grandparent, caregiver, etc.) must always be with and play with the child (ren). The program is appropriate for children birth to six years of age.


Thanksgiving Eve 2013

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family and friends, AND KIDS!  This year on Wednesday Night we joined our classes together for a THANKFUL Party. We made cookies and cards, did crafts, played games and watched Madam Blueberry who was not a happy berry until she was thankful. Good video to watch at any age. Anyway, we ended with a short devo, stacked with sugar and ready to go home with parents.  WONDERFUL TIME!! Here are a few pictures. Some of them are blurry… sorry about that.

Letter to a Parent – Trevin Wax

I’ve heard about and felt many of the frustrations outlined in this post.  Now that I have teens wrestling with schedule issues, I understand how hard it is to parent through it. However, Youth Ministers and Families are on the same team, they have to be. How can we come together in a godly way to love our kids truly closer to Jesus?

Anonymous Youth Pastor’s Letter to a Parent – Trevin Wax.

Calling on Moses

Moses wasn’t called to do anything easy. His life bears out the challenges that he faced. God set him on a path at the burning bush that would profoundly change not only his life but history as well. Our focus this year is to not allow those moments of history to be relegated to an occasional reading or teaching—but to allow the reality of God’s intervention to engross us. By the way, Jesus called us as Christians to a clear purpose. We articulate that in our goal of “loving people one step closer to Jesus.”  It is my prayer that MWLTC, rather than becoming a side event we acknowledge or even tolerate, but instead bring to life in our congregation and our kids, the power of God’s call to us today. Here’s some things currently happening with mwLTC in general.

  • We working really hard to get guidelines reviewed and available. All will be posted at
  • We are adding at least two events this year. One is the Spoken Word, which is really exciting. We are going to call this a BETA event, which means we are trying it out. While there are guidelines, they are general, no evaluations, all who step up will get a participant and be helping get the activity fine tuned.  We are also opening up an option for Bible Reading and Bulletin Boards to be done at home.
  • We are looking to sponsor and area wide  youth rally of sorts at Green Valley on November 9. More info to come.