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Walt’s House

Walt and Shirley are eternally grateful to everyone who has helped them with their flood damage.

There has been a large outpouring of support and help. At this point, their house will enter a construction phase as drywall must be cut out and other repairs made.

If you have questions or just want to touch base, feel free to call the McIndoo’s home number. You can also email them at:

Also, please bear in mind that there are many in Kokomo who are in need of assistance. Learn more here.

SonLight Station

slsllogThere is an awesome work going on in the Center Road facilities that is helping hosts of children and their families. SonLight Station Preschool meets throughout the week to not only prepare kids for Kindergarten, but to help them grow in character, particularly, the character of Jesus. I am blessed to walk through the facilities and interact with the staff and the kids throughout the year. Sonlight has been an ongoing effort by a host of wonderful people for many years. As a matter of fact, this year the first class of kids graduated from High School.  If you have preschool age kids or kids moving in that direction, let me encourage you to consider SonLight Station for them.

This weekend presents a special opportunity as the School is having a Chili Dinner/Cook-off Bake Sale.  Come to a fun evening and help a great cause. Here are the details.

Details on the Chili Dinner

The Changing Shape of Temptation

Study by the Barna Group on temptation. Note the four observations, particular the #3 — many today don’t regard temptation having anything to do with sin, but rather highs and lows to be navigated. Since the main benefit of following Christ is being delivered from sin… perhaps this helps us understand more of why fewer and fewer are interested in Jesus.

The Barna Group – New Research Explores the Changing Shape of Temptation.

Did You Know?


Just in case you didn’t know, there are some really neat things happening with MWLTC as a whole. Here we can usually see what is going on with our kids—which is wonderful. In addition, here are some things being accomplished in the program overall.

  • Two Leaders to our Executive Board have been added. Mitchell Haynes, youth minister at Green Valley and Jim Dillinger, minister at Rochester have joined the board and are doing a great job.
  • EAB—which stands for Elder Advisory Board is meeting regularly with us and this is so helpful. This is a group of elders from multiple congregations in the Midwest.  Our representative in that group is Mike Forehand.
  • Interest has been expressed in starting a ‘SPOKEN WORD” event—which I’m very excited about. I’d love to hear from any of our kids who might be interested in this event.

Reminder to High School students, go to and apply for scholarships. The time is now.  Just can’t wait to see what God does through our kids this year!  So, GO the EXTRA Mile!

How Things Work Around Here


While I’m working at home, and if there’s not a football game on I want to see, I always have a documentary going in the background. One of my favorites is “How It’s Made”.  I love understanding how things in our world are put together and I appreciate some of the things I use daily more—just for watching.

So… I’m very excited to tell you that some of our leaders (Paul Bauer, Clint Erickson, Troy Helm, and Lynn Brust) are putting together a “how things work around here” for our church family!

Don’t miss out on this special time. Look forward to worship on January 20 and 27, when we will be learning “how things work around here…”


I went to a workshop recently called “Orange”. Here’s a few of the highlights I think are worth sharing. Our ministries here, youth and family, kids, teens, prayer pals, Vinton Woods, and on and on — aren’t here to occupy our kids… we are here because we are missionaries. DID YOU KNOW…

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