I went to a workshop recently called “Orange”. Here’s a few of the highlights I think are worth sharing. Our ministries here, youth and family, kids, teens, prayer pals, Vinton Woods, and on and on — aren’t here to occupy our kids… we are here because we are missionaries. DID YOU KNOW…

  • Neighborhoods are changing. The way families “look” is changing. Currently 75% of families that surround us don’t look like “family” as we may think of it, and they have kids who are not under any church influence. This is a great opportunity for us to be on the leading edge reaching out to every family. Kids we help may not remember every fact we teach them—but they will remember how we treated them and their family.
  • Sundays are changing. I sortive wish it was, but it’s not a day of rest and meditation unto the Lord. As well, 75% of people don’t go to church anywhere as a whole. We often focus our attention and emotional energy on the 25% that already know about Jesus in some way—good — but Jesus said to leave the 99 and go find the one. Matthew 18:12-14.
  • We are not just kid-sitting! We are leading small for precious ones who’s LEARNING IS HUGE. A child learns more in the first 5 years than the rest of life. Think helping them embrace our Savior isn’t crucial? Think again!
  • Relationship Trumps Culture. I can whine all day about how things are changing for the worse—media—politics and so forth. We can’t overpower that. HOWEVER we hold the trump card! Relationship trumps any gizmo or tendency. The Power of Prayer and the Power of Relationship is why we have Prayer Pals, and Kids and Teens Ministry and Children’s Worship.

Yeah… it all matters. You will never regret loving kids one step closer to Jesus. Oranges or Apples or whatever, I was reminded of some pretty important stuff this week.

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