Did You Know?


Just in case you didn’t know, there are some really neat things happening with MWLTC as a whole. Here we can usually see what is going on with our kids—which is wonderful. In addition, here are some things being accomplished in the program overall.

  • Two Leaders to our Executive Board have been added. Mitchell Haynes, youth minister at Green Valley and Jim Dillinger, minister at Rochester have joined the board and are doing a great job.
  • EAB—which stands for Elder Advisory Board is meeting regularly with us and this is so helpful. This is a group of elders from multiple congregations in the Midwest.  Our representative in that group is Mike Forehand.
  • Interest has been expressed in starting a ‘SPOKEN WORD” event—which I’m very excited about. I’d love to hear from any of our kids who might be interested in this event.

Reminder to High School students, go to http://www.mwltc.net and apply for scholarships. The time is now.  Just can’t wait to see what God does through our kids this year!  So, GO the EXTRA Mile!

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