SonLight Station

slsllogThere is an awesome work going on in the Center Road facilities that is helping hosts of children and their families. SonLight Station Preschool meets throughout the week to not only prepare kids for Kindergarten, but to help them grow in character, particularly, the character of Jesus. I am blessed to walk through the facilities and interact with the staff and the kids throughout the year. Sonlight has been an ongoing effort by a host of wonderful people for many years. As a matter of fact, this year the first class of kids graduated from High School.  If you have preschool age kids or kids moving in that direction, let me encourage you to consider SonLight Station for them.

This weekend presents a special opportunity as the School is having a Chili Dinner/Cook-off Bake Sale.  Come to a fun evening and help a great cause. Here are the details.

Details on the Chili Dinner

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