Passing The PMP Exam

PMP30yearI want to return the favor for the many who have helped me along the way in becoming PMP Certified. Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional Certification has been around a long time. It is widely recognized and is global in nature.

I transitioned from the ministry to Project Management. I have been managing projects in the church environment for most of my career. Much of Project Management is about interpersonal relationship building skills — which is something I love. I wanted to add technical business skills to my toolbox, thus my journey with the PMP.

I passed recently, with a big sigh of relief. One of the most pleasant parts of the journey has been willingness and energy of the dozens of people along the way who have been encouraging and helpful. I wanted to return the favor, so I made notes along the way, and have posted them for whoever might benefit from them at Russell’s PMP Help.


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