Informational Networking

I’m available and busy in a job search. Hands down the best thing I have done is to connect with Business and Professional Exchange North Central (BPE). I have been privileged to sit at the feet of and learn from Chris Waymire, Master Trainer. He has helped me connect with great people! Sometimes hearing information again from other point of view helps pull the pieces together. That happened for me today.

bigbookpicflanaganRecently at a BPE Panel Discussion, I met Mr. C. Bruce Flanagan. I knew of Mr. Flanagan from multiple references Mr. Waymire shared in class from his book, “It’s Not About You. It’s About Them”. The book is available on Amazon and there is a kindle version. I am pleased that I purchased the book. At the discussion, we agreed to have coffee, and that is how I got to spend some time learning from Mr. Flanagan today.

After he asked me a couple of questions, he made the following suggestions.

  1. Make a list of 10 things you enjoy doing so much you don’t notice the time passing. Then you can list your top 10 skills.
  2. Incorporate your top 10 skills on your personal marketing sheet.
  3. Develop a brief STAR for each of those 10 skills.
  4. When networking, DON’T go to find a job. Instead, visit with people and get to know them. When opportunity presents, ask for 15 minutes of their time to listen to your skills and give you feed back AND tell them you don’t expect them to have a job, you are looking to learn from them.
  5. When you meet, have your personal marketing sheet in order. Talk through your skills with them and listen to their thoughts – take notes – they are important. HONOR THE TIME. At the end of the 15 minutes, ask for two people they think you should be talking with. That’s all.
  6. In the end you will have great information, your skills will be considered, and you have other people to talk with.

I’ve been in BPE with Mr. Waymire long enough that all of that was info I had heard in the past. Today, I was able to put the pieces together just a bit more. Special thanks to Mr. Waymire and to Mr. C. Bruce Flanagan for their efforts and time.

Looking for a job?  Me too!  There’s a LOT of help available! Know that it’s a full time job to find a job. In Indiana, let me URGE you to connect with Business and Professional Exchange. My chapter is BPE North Central. There are BPE chapters all over the state. If you aren’t in Indiana, find a comparable group!



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