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My journey in Agile has only begun.

A few years ago I transitioned from a project management as a youth and family minister to a formal career as a PM in the business community. Key in that transformation was acquiring certification as a Professional Project Manager through Project Management Institute. This robust set of tools is powerful especially for projects with mostly predictable variables.


In that journey I became intrigued with Agile, in particular Scrum, for projects that have a shifting scope with major unpredictable and evolving variables. I have and continue to study Agile practices and recently gained my ScrumMaster certification. I’m introducing Agile concepts in my current role as a PM.


Even though that journey seems like it will be a lengthy one, I’m seeing enormous benefits for my teams in what I’m able to do now. I’m loving every step of the way!

I received my CSM through a fantastic group in Indiapolis called Project Brilliant. I had worked with Scrum previous to the class, but it really brought the whole picture together for me. The Instructor, Aaron Kopel, did not use PPTS, but hand drew every illustration. The course was packed with learning activities. I hope I am able to participate in additional certification classes with this group in the future. Reach out to them!

I’m very interested in growing in my Agile knowledge and practice. I’m excited about the impact it can have on education and training, as well as the more recognized benefits to business and IT.

I hope to use this blog to document and share my journey. I welcome feedback and guidance!

Click Here for my blog Agile Project Ventures.