You are Never Too Young or Old to Be Kind

Being kind to someone is valuable and lives on, even past your memory of it. I was reminded of this on a recent trip to see my mom in Arkansas. As I enjoyed my KFC I heard my mom say my name (she was having a conversation at the table behind us, which she always does, because she knows everyone). “Well, he’s right there…” and I entered a conversation with a lady I didn’t know.

Her name is Sherry and she was telling my mom I had given her

a Bible many years ago (way too many). I had no memory and still have no idea. More than all of that, she still has it! “Oh, I’ve got in the car” as she scooted out the door. Upon return she produced the Bible.

Let me tell you that 1981 was a long time ago. At the risk of locking myself in the wrong algorithm for any future job prospects in the ever popular Applicant Tracking Systems — I was a high school junior. We spent a few minutes catching up on life and went on our way. It’s such a big small world!

That gift obviously meant more to Sherry than it did to me. My brain doesn’t hold that kind of info. Want to bridge time and make a difference? Be kind and give people important stuff – like eternal words. Be encouraging – it will probably come back to visit.

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