Be Appreciative

I heard from a friend today, asking my opinion about an effort he is a part of. I realize he asked me to honor me as much as anything. He knows more than I do about the topic – by far.

His message reminded me of something I have believed all along, but haven’t practiced it as I should. You should recognize and appreciate those who help you along the way in your life journey. For me, that’s a huge list of fantastic people.

When I think of my career at this point, a special group of people in Indianapolis are guilty of helping me tremendously. This is the leadership group of Project Management Institute Central Indiana Chapter most times referred to as PMICIC.

In addition to the networking and encouragement from the overall chapter, I have been blessed in the past to work with Rep Ram, Mike Fisher, and Aisha Cargile (plus others) elbow to elbow on the leadership team as a vice-president. That has been over a year ago as I write this, but these quite servants to others in project management are professional difference makers. They with their colleagues lead an army of volunteers providing incredible support to the profession of project management in Indiana.

They help people figure out their careers, especially if it remotely touches project management – and a lot of career streams certainly do! I get my ears full occasionally about less than accomplished pm’s. I like this group because they are dedicated to making the profession better by serving as Indiana’s largest chapter of Project Management Institute.

Whether your focus is Waterfall or Agile, check out the chapter’s offerings. Especially, mark your calendar for May 10-11. PMICIC is sponsoring Project-Con, and it’s a must attend. Check out for all the latest. I’m looking forward to it!

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