Called Out by Traci Heavilin

Traci Heavilin is a wonderful sister at Center Road c/C. She and her husband serve in multiple ways at MWLTC. I didn’t know about most of this story that I found on her FB wall. It’s amazing!

I have been wanting to post this story for a long time and since LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) is coming up…I cannot think of a better time! For a better understanding… LTC is a program designed to encourage young people to actively participate in numerous events and activities in order to build up their faith and expand their “comfort zone”. Part 2 to this story my husband and I have been struggling with infertility and have done a series of fertility treatments with no luck (very distraught, and not sure if adoption is the answer). OK, now the exciting part…(this is where I know Gods hands are at work ) While monitoring the doors for the singing group I strike up a conversation with some people and somehow got on the topic of adoption. Any hoot…a boy (pictured below) heard my conversation and came up to me and said that he was adopted from Russia and introduced me to his mother and told me all about his experience (made me start thinking more about adopting) (ok here is where my heart melts) later on he came up to me and said “this is not much but it is all I have” and handed me money (of coarse, I could not take it) but that very moment he forever changed my life and I am soooo EXCITED about the future! Life sometimes does not work the way you want but God is working and walking right beside you thru all of it and HE will make it better than you could ever imagine. I am so excited about LTC 2014 “CALLED OUT” Always amazed at all the hard working volunteers (they are awesome) but worth every single moment when you see lives changing, learning and having a great time! What a blessing to be a part of!


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