Called Out To Testify


Video of my message, from March 23. Resources below.


You can see all the responses I got when I asked people what does WITNESS FOR JESUS bring to your mind… CLICK HERE.

You can download the Sermon Notes from March 23… CLICK HERE.

The following information is the page I told you (or will tell you) in my sermon on March 23. Years ago, brother Jeff Walling produced a 4 part DVD called S.W.A.T. In my message I refer to parts of Session # 1 and Session # 2. He gave me permission to temporarily share the sections below for your benefit. Consider ordering the DVD. It’s a wonderfully simple and doable way to talk about Jesus.


Let me encourage you to get your hands on your own copy of this video set. Go to It’s the best $35 you could spend.

Video SESSION # 1

Video SESSION # 2

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