Resourceful and IT savvy worker with a willingness to help others. Organized, passionate about work, and a fast learner. Possess strong leadership skills, personnel management skills, and excellent people skills. Competent with multiple computer systems and software, website building, and networking. Founded Leadership Training for Christ, an area Leadership Convention that produces over 500 participants annually.

Skills and Abilities

Leadership Development

  • Serving on the Executive Board of Directors for Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) and established mentoring process interacting with over 1,700 people annually (
  • Advisory role on Leadership Team of Center Road Church of Christ.
  • Connect well and build working relationships with a wide variety of people.
  • Recruit,train and support volunteers in various ministry roles.
  • Plan,staff, and lead hosts of mentoring activities, including liability control, financial accountability and management, and ultimate accountability for the well being of all participants.
  • Leader of Technology Group at Center Road Church of Christ, including problem solving,networking,organizing, setting goals, and accountability reporting.


  • Educating in multiple environments. Curriculum organization for students.
  • Motivational and educational speaking on frequent basis on numerous platforms.
  • Manage weekly printed publications, as well as social media (Facebook & Twitter),electronic mailing, SMS Technology,and management of multi-user PBX phone systems.
  • Website content management (,,

Event Planning and Management

  • Venue contract negotiations and specific planning for convention with 1,700 people in attendance annually.
  • Directed retreats,camps,out of town activities, and multiple in-house events.
  • Planned and directed numerous multiple day vacation Bible schools.


  • Experienced in staff management.
  • Developing accountability and follow through mechanisms a strength.
  • Significant budget management experience.
  • Treasurer for two nonprofit organizations.
  • Computer Skills: MSOffice, Money, Quickbooks, Quicken, Networking, Joomla, WordPress, Google Apps, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.


  • Forklift Operator, Heavy Equipment Operator, Die Cut Staff, Metal Preparation Operator.
  • Maintenance (supply management, solar panel, apartment rehab, heavy equipment).
  • Crew Leader for Cellulose Insulation installation, new apartment build.

 Additional Explanation


Managing Groups and Team Building Activities

Planning, staffing, and executing local mentoring, relationship and community building activities, serving activities.  Includes necessary medical and liability release paperwork and its management, rental  and ultimate responsibility care of owned equipment, financial accountability, budget management, and personal care of students, parents, and volunteers.


Utilize a host of communication media to inform, motivate, recruit, support, and encourage volunteers for a host of activities. Majority of work dependent on success in this area. Use personal contact, social medial, internet presence, and video presentations to inform of the need for volunteers. Provide oversight and management of volunteers recruited.


Co manage activities of Ministry Assistant staff person.

Pastoral Counseling

Provide encouragement, tools to resolve issues, prayer, resources as needed.

Event Management

Mid West Leadership Training for Christ (annual regional program)

Founded in 1996 and continue to co-direct to present a program to facilitate mentoring of 3rd to 12th Grade students. Serve on the executive board of directors which plans and executes the annual, year long, program among 30 churches and culminates with an annual convention enjoying more than 1,000 in attendance in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ranges for recruitment and support of almost 100 volunteers, hotel contract negotiation and management of Banquet Event Orders to co-directing the annual convention.  Critical decision maker for organization.

Vacation Bible School (annual program)

Annual four day event at our local church. Requires leading several committees to develop curriculum, plan food preparation, and planning to provide advertising, security, registration, drama, teaching, and transportation.  Serve as planner, director, and event emcee. (more info)

Education Programing

Young Youth Education

Facilitate a host of class sessions for children through out the week. Includes management of curricula, volunteer recruitment, support, and training, policy and procedure details, budget management, and parental support and engagement.

Adolescent and Young Adult Education

      • Writing and/or purchasing curriculum for multiple classes and other efforts on a weekly basis.
      • Recruiting and/or training and supporting volunteer staff.
      • Teach or co-teaching regularly.

Implement Mentoring Program

Oversee the implementation of Mid West Leadership Training for Christ in the local church setting. Includes promoting participation, supporting registration, recruitment and support of mentor volunteers and other needed staff.  (more info)

Parental Support

Research relevant materials to benefit parents of children of all ages. Provide advice and support. Lead ongoing parent discussion and study group.  (more info)

Wide Range of Communication

I can plan, staff, and carry out efforts to reach to and educate people of all ages. I have a good grasp of the stages of development from birth throughout life. I can set objectives and goals as well as develop executable plans.  I have gained this ability from my job as a minister, volunteering in the public schools and for a private preschool, being married to an public educator, and most by parenting. My career has afforded me the opportunity to address a very wide range of audiences.


I have an above average working knowledge of computer technology including operating systems, hardware, networking and so forth. I have experience with MS  Server 2003 and am proficient in the use of MS Office 2007. I tend to make things work. I am administrator of the churches Toshiba Phone / Strategy Voice Mail System as well as oversee voice mail for staff and volunteers. I have  working
knowledge of website administration and have taken responsibility to manage the churches website content and organization.


I have organized thinking and can plan several large projects at once. In addition, I use social media not only personally but to further communicate the efforts I support. My Facebook and Twitter links can be
found when you “Connect” with me. In addition I make extensive use of Desktop publishing and video announcements. I also understand and mange a host of email lists. As a minister, I understand the importance of people to people communications. I also appreciate that several methods of communication are required for any effort to be effective.


My career journey has equipped me with a number of skills that I find useful from time to time. I understand what makes a car run – and can make it work. I also have above average knowledge and ability with carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc. which has benefited me not only personally but in a number of missions and even routine activities throughout my career.

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