Job History

maynard-russell-2Summary of Background (Job History below)

I was born and raised in Mountain Home, Arkansas. After High School, I moved to Winona, Mississippi, to work in a missionary headquarters while I attended college. In time I graduated with my B.A. in Bible and after some additional time was awarded my M.S.E. from Harding University, in Searcy, Arkansas. While at Harding I coordinated summer youth internships in various churches. My exposure to Youth & Family Ministry took me to Noblesville, Indiana where I met my future wife, Kimberly Maynard. After serving as the Youth & Family Minister in Houston, Texas (during which time Kimberly and I were wed), I accepted my current position as the Youth & Family Minister for then Alto Road Church of Christ (Kokomo, Indiana)  which became Center Road Church of Christ in 2005. I resigned from Center Road September 30. 2014 to relieve distressed church finances. In the interim until my next job, I acquired Project Management Professional certification and built on my project management experience to become a dedicated project manager.


Project Manager (October 2015 – Present)


cfd Investments, Inc. & Creative Financial Designs    Kokomo, Indiana     2016-Present

  • Creating and tracking plans and timelines for each assigned project
  • Assembling, coordinating, and managing multi-departmental teams to complete projects
  • Facilitating, troubleshooting, and resolving issues inhibiting project progress
  • Responding to inquiries about projects
  • Chairing various project reviews and reporting in meetings
  • Providing project management advice and assistance to department heads and team members
  • Establishing and maintaining liaison role as required with management
  • Assisting in developing departmental plans, goals, objectives, and procedures as they relate to projects



cfd Investments, Inc. & Creative Financial Designs             Kokomo, Indiana            2015

  • High impact and visible financial clearing house conversion benefiting 5,400 clients
  • Strategic planning with Leadership Team


Youth & Family Minister (February 1995-September 2014)


Midwest LTC                                     Kokomo, Indiana                                   1996-2014

Initiated, planned, executed, and monitored the founding and sustaining of regional conference 1,700 participants annually from seven states surrounding Indiana. Conference established with 15 events offered, held in local churches with four groups participating. Oversaw 55% growth in number of events resulting in the rental of convention space in our capital city, generating over 30 groups attending annually. Established volunteer leadership teams to lead and manage overall convention, as well as facilitating teams to help groups prepare in advance. Support and collaborate with five teams each consisting of up to 35 members, simultaneously predominantly by means of virtual communication throughout the year.

Direct and coordinate each year of Midwest LTC each constituting a of phase of leadership development

  • Utilized interpersonal relationship abilities through virtual team building to convey and communicate essential job function as well as providing motivation
  • Managed board of director’s incorporation legalities and reporting functions
  • Oversaw treasurer’s activities to ensure timely budget reports
  • Called leadership meetings, establish agenda and venue for meetings, and managed documentation
  • Conducted event venue negotiations saving participants approximately $10,000 collectively each year



Center Road                                    Kokomo, Indiana                                    1995-2014

Directed, planned, and staffed activities focused on relationship building and leadership development. Established educational areas promoting 80% increase in class attendance. Planned, executed, and monitored curriculum establishment increasing repeatable learning opportunities by 50%. Built and took advantage of lessons learned documentation to increase out-of-town student management capacity by 71%. Initiated parent support actions resulting in 60% growth of parents available to sponsor events. Applied recruitment, training, and support initiatives increasing teaching staff from six people, with no time off, to 32 people teaching significantly reduced teaching durations. Program experienced 110% participation growth with just 40% increase in organization budget utilization.

  • Initiated, planned, trained, and monitored student and sponsor volunteer teams producing sustaining eight major activities for 10 years plus
  • Summer Sessions of UpLift (1995-2012)
    • One week managing conduct of students and sponsors to out-of-state conference per year
    • Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, and Closing
    • Noted as most motivational and meaningful event by majority of attendees
  • Winter Conferences (2008-2012)
    • Annual weekend of managing conduct of persons to out-of-state conference
    • Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing
    • Resulted in strong practical and exciting recruitment path for student growth and recruitment
    • Common for participants to be comprised of 40% potential new membership
  • Summer Bible School (2011-2014)
    • Motivational and educational sessions involving over 125 students, 60 volunteers and 50 participating adults
    • Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing
    • Created significant and sustained intergenerational connections for Center Road
  • Planned, monitored, and closed change projects enhancing student and parent ownership as well as student recruitment
  • Used oral and written communication to motivating, educating, and visionary collaboration with stakeholders
  • Successfully managed IT Team challenges by means of equipment repurposing initiative employed during organizational financial difficulty. Provided training and support to other church personnel
  • Effectively and proactively managed administrative tasks
  • Established procedures for medical and liability releases and best practice guidelines for managing minors
  • Intervened to mitigate risk threats and liabilities related to visiting ministers
  • Oversaw installation and management of PBX phone system, including navigating insurance and replacement of two debilitating lightning strikes saving Center Road organization $54,000
  • Evaluated, managed, and monitored strategic change projects
  • Engaged problem solving, management, and decision making skills
  • Built proficiency with Microsoft products
  • Led Technology Group and maintained systems of communication
  • Energetic, dedicated, dependable administrator and motivator
  • Managed training, support, and day to day activities of Ministry assistant personnel
  • Managed and drove Center Road’s student and adult participation in Midwest LTC
  • Registered students, recruited coaches, scheduled facility, and managed conflict
  • Served as a connection between Mid LTC population and Center Road organizational leadership

Organized group recognition activities for individual and group accomplishments


Youth & Family Minister ( December 1993-February 1995)

Southeast Church of Christ, Houston, Texas

  • Oversee Bible Class Education for 6th-12th Grade Students
    • Write and / or purchase curriculum for multiple weekly classes
    • Recruit and / or train volunteer teaching staff.
    • Preach Occasionally. Teach or co-teach regularly.
  • Arranged devotionals, lockins, retreats, camps, and other events aimed to develop leadership in students.
  • Explored North Texas Leadership Training for Christ for the Youth Ministry Committee.
  • Pastoral Counseling, Encouragement of Students
  • Oversaw dual Youth Ministry Interns.
  • Planned, staffed, and led Vacation Bible School.
  • Directed Summer Camp.

Youth Ministry Intern (May 1993-August 1993)

Green Valley Church of Christ, Noblesville, Indiana


Minister  (December, 1991-August 1992)

Winona Church of Christ, Winona, Mississippi


Part-time Minister  (1989-December, 1991)

Durant Church of Christ, Durant, Mississippi


Forklift Operator, Die Cut Staff, General Labor  (1988-1989)

United States Corrulite Corporation, Winona, Mississippi


Front End Loader, Insulation Tech, Landscaping  (1987-1988)

Leisure Maintenance Corporation, Mountain Home, Arkansas

  • Transported and operated heavy equipment from complex to complex in multiple county area for maintenance.
  • Led crew and blew cellulose insulation in attics and walls of new apartment complexes and new home builds.
  • Led crew for construction site cleanup for new apartment complexes and new home builds.
  • Assisted lead technician with multiplicity of maintenance issues surrounding multiple apartment complexes.
    — Solar panel hot water distribution.
    — Cleaning, painting, preparation for new apartment tenants.
    — Yard maintenance.
    — Supply Maintenance.

Metal Preparation Line Operator  (1986)

Allied Electroplating, Eupora, Mississippi


Part-time Youth Minister  (1983-1985)

Winona Church of Christ, Winona, Mississippi


Fill-In Minister  (1980-1983)

Dawt Church of Christ, Techumseh, Missouri

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