Forming Habits and Being Agile are not Opposed to Each Other

I follow Jennifer Bridges because she has a great way of simplifying complicated issues while making them doable. I am also a Project Manager that appreciates both Waterfall and Agile Project Management. To be Agile almost seems like it doesn’t go with forming Habits. I recognize that I’m talking about two different things when it comes to habits and Agile thinking, but I see some useful parallels. I think forming habits for success can strengthen one’s ability to be Agile. Scrum, for example, uses a number of “habits” or practices that help the team become Agile in dealing with complex and unpredictable projects. Take a look at Jennifer’s video and consider how forming strong habits can help you become successful, even if your focus is being Agile.

Everything you do influences your performance. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you which work habits propel you to success.

Source: 7 Work Habits You Need to Succeed

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