Success for “Walk A Mile”

Kokomo, Indiana isn’t a huge city, but just like any other city, there are people who struggle and are displaced from shelter and basic needs. Our Rescue Mission is a terrific area wide ministry that assists homeless men with the transition from homelessness to gaining a team-29-2-11-17better life. In the same vein, Open Arms performs this function for women and children. Each year, our city has “Walk A Mile” to support Open Arms. It is a gentle fund raiser for which individuals or teams of people can collect free will donations to support Open Arms. It all culminates on a Saturday in February. On that day, money is turned in and participants are invited to walk the mile between the Rescue Mission and Open Arms and learn how life is for folks there.

I’ve participated as a youth minister in years past, and this year I was privileged to lead a team as the Project Manager for my work place, cfd Investments, Inc. There were about 20 walkers on February the 11th of 2017. In addition there were hosts of donations by our staff and many paid money into the fund in exchange for jeans day – a common practice at CFD.

The event was amazing! We raised a significant sum of money, especially for the first year of doing it, and participated in the Walk. It was great to add it to the total the community raised for Open Arms. We should be making a difference wherever we are, and this is a great opportunity for those in the Kokomo and Open Arms is doing exactly that. I’m proud of the people in my company for taking on this challenge and I look forward to other opportunities to do the same in the future.

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