Professional Development

A couple of years ago I made a significant move in my career. I transitioned from youth ministry to a career in project management. While there are differences, I’ve learned that there are stark similarities in the two paths. One of those similarities is that Professional Development is a must have ongoing commitment. A minister can tire with constant pressure to produce while working with people to get the job done… guess what? It’s the same or more so with Project Managers!

My journey has allowed me to achieve PMP Certification with Project Management Institute. I also am privileged to be a member of PMI’s Central Indiana Chapter. I’m on the team that has acquired speakers for our upcoming Professional Development Day, and I can’t wait for it! It’s the largest leadership gathering in Indiana focused on Project Management.


It is a full day of exciting Key Notes and informative break out sessions. Those who attend will enjoy interaction with vendors, career development, networking opportunities, and Project Management education.

I’m gonna be there… look me up if you are too!


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