Investing (1)

I spent the majority of my early career as a youth and family minister – and loved it. There comes a time to make a change. I wanted to make the change in a positive fashion that would be beneficial to all those I interact with. That being said, my world together with my upbringing and background simply did not intersect in the investment sphere. In the last couple of years I have transitioned from a role in ministry to a career in project management. My encounters with investing have had mostly to do with premature withdrawals to help survive life’s transitions. Interestingly enough, I was blessed to be hired as the first project manager for an outstanding Investment Firm.

My understanding of the labyrinth created by the investments world has grown, but it has so far to go. Helping people navigate this circle is incredibly important, vital, and yet so very complex.

Even though my understanding has been stretched beyond anything I thought I could tolerate, I truthfully write that I thoroughly enjoy going to work every day. There are a number of reasons for this – including the opportunities and the challenges of leading in a world that is heavily managed with technology while expanding data management and security – all things I love learning about. I’m also blessed to work with an awesome staff that are some of the most conscientious and hard workers I have ever met. We are led by our leaders and we are leading in a circle that is sometimes suspect and must be carefully documented – yet we have a motivating purpose. I get to help make a difference, in a world that needs a difference made, and that is really meaningful to me.

Just when I thought I couldn’t find more meaning in my work, I was able to participate in a recent conference with the financial advisers our firm supports. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was really a neat experience for me. I was able to put faces with names from emails and voices from phone calls. Our firms specializes, invests heavily, and even demands that everyone connected with it act in the best interest of the investment clients we serve. I got to meet fantastic people from all over the U.S. who make this happen.

My beliefs about financial advisers have shifted from suspicion of the “sales” thing to a much better understanding of how important the role is. I have a lot more to learn. In our day, how we invest really affects our lives and I would encourage everyone to consider finding a suitable financial adviser.

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