Do you ever listen to a presentation, and to yourself say, “OK, but you’re doing it wrong! Here’s how would be so much better! Perhaps executives in your company don’t see the value proposition you are so convicted about… and you walk away shaking your head, thinking… “you’re doing it wrong.” If that ever happens to you… this blog is meant to be a friend!

Today’s favorite “you are doing it wrong”: coming soon

What about you? I’m collecting “you’re doing it wrong” stories and will post them on this blog, sortive as a hobby. Leave out bullying, because we don’t have time for that. Otherwise, what do you think? Below are links to sections of the blog. Below the links is a nifty entry window for your convenience. Suggestions and feedback always welcome!

  1. Project Manager No No’s
  2. Around the House
  3. At the Store
  4. At Work
  5. While Traveling
  6. Whatever Doesn’t Fit