Sheila N. Glazov

Russell Maynard, PMP is a quintessential Project Manager. Russell hired me to present a What Color Is Your “Project Manager” Brain?® luncheon keynote program, a Brain Color Teamwork breakout session and Brain Colors Leadership breakout session at the Central Indiana Chapter’s Project Manager Professional Development Day. Russell’s cooperation and communication, before and during my programs, was professional, competent, helpful, and authentic. Russell patiently offered me his time and attention during all our planning sessions. When I had any type of concern Russell promptly and efficiently solved the problems. Russell was the consummate team member. He was able to deftly collaborate and communicate with the other members of the team on my behalf. He skillfully made sure I received the correct information and appropriate services that were needed for all my programs and the set up and placement for my Author Table.
I also appreciated the fact that Russell always kept his word, his sense of humor, and professional attitude, which are rare in today’s business world! It was privilege and a pleasure working with Russell Maynard!

Chris Waymire

When I needed assistance with the Kokomo Chapter of the Business Professional Exchange Russell quickly stepped up to the plate and became the Vice President of the chapter. His leadership skills are superb and he approaches every task he is assigned with a spirit of “Can Do”. Russell is always willing to try new methods and procedures when necessary to move things forward. BPE Kokomo and Lafayette Chapters are both now players in the world of social media where we can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter His creativity is evident as is his confidence in his abilities. I have come to regard Rusty Maynard not only as an associate and a co-worker but also as a good friend.
If you are looking for a project manager who thrives outside the boxes, demonstrates superior leadership abilities and is regularly going an extra mile to get things done please consider Russell Maynard for any positions you may have available. He is truly a remarkable PMP

Jim Dillinger
I have known Russell Maynard for many years and have the highest respect for him. He is an extremely capable person. He helped start a huge children’s program in this area called “Leadership Training For Christ”. Young people come from several states around Indiana to be a part of this. He has headed up this work since it’s beginning. He takes care of the budget, setting up the facilities and running the program which takes place over Easter Weekend. Each year about 500 young people are involved in the training and there are usually 1000 people in attendance. Rusty is very much a people person and very, very organized. He has worked as a youth minister for years at the Center Road Church of Christ in Kokomo , Indiana. Rusty worked for us as an intern when he first got out of college. He is highly respected by people all over this state. I would highly recommend him to you.

Mark Kady
Rusty is a creative and well organized minister who helped start the Midwest Leadership Training for Christ that is an event involving many states in the Midwest and over 600 students. He networks well and has a love for people. I am also impressed with his IT skills and use of social networking technology.

Walt McIndoo
I have known Rusty since he came to Kokomo, Indiana in February 1995 to serve as the Youth Minister for the Center Road church of Christ. Rusty has served in several capacities for the church in addition to being our Youth minister. He has organized an IT committee to maintain our computers and the software servers for the church. He has served as our weekly bulletin editor and our telephone administrator.
As Youth minister, Rusty has not only organized many youth activities but initiated the Mid West Leadership Training for Youth convention which
covers several states each year. This convention is designed to bring youth from many church of Christ congregations together for the purpose of allowing youth to demonstrate their leadership ability in a variety of ways such as singing, reading scripture, teaching classes, participating in a Bible Bowl that covers a specific book or books of the Bible, use of puppets to teach spiritual principles, etc. He has served as one the primary leaders for this organization which grew from two participating congregations of the church of Christ in Indiana to approximately thirty congregations from about eight different states. The first convention was held in Noblesville, Indiana in 1996 and is now held at the Marriott East Hotel in Indianapolis each Easter weekend with some 500 youth and 1200 adults in attendance. Rusty has managed the budget for the MWLTC organization as well as the youth budget and telephone service for the Center Road church of Christ for most of the years he has been with the church.
Rusty is an excellent organizer, energetic, honest with good management skills. I highly recommend him to any organization that is looking for someone with his back ground. He is married to a very supportive wife and they have three sons who are well disciplined, good students with excellent social skills.

Jay White
Rusty has invaluable experience in working with children-oriented organizations functioning as the Youth and Family minister at more than one church. He has been at Center Road Church of Christ for the last several years. in this role, he defined and managed the budget, developed and taught the curriculum, organized youth events and trips, recruited and trained volunteers to support the youth program, and conceptualized and led
two mission trips with the youth to Nova Scotia and Mexico.
He is also a quick study. By profession, I’m an Information Technologist. Because of this, I was the “IT guy” at our church. Rusty became my “backup” IT guy, learning how to support the computer systems and network components we had, which meant I wasn’t constantly making trips out to the building to fix the latest issue.
I would not hesitate to recommend Rusty for any position based on his honesty, integrity, work ethic, intelligence, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and more.
Rusty, is always willing to step up, help out, get the job done.


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