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Seems like it should be… but it isn’t.

Think Teamwork has to be in Person?

Distributed teams are an integral part of Project Management and work with Vendors. I appreciate the need to do this part of the job well, even though my natural strengths are to work with people in person. This is a great start to the journey of thinking through how to manage teams that are not located in the same zip code.

Team Tech Assessment for Project Managers | Remote Leadership Institute

How well are your project managers adjusting to the new world of virtual work, telework and remote teams? Two-thirds of capital expenditures are spent on projects and 90% of those projects involve team members who are not co-located. Without careful planning, remote leaders find themselves in an uncomfortable environment where they aren’t forming good relationships with […]

Source: Team Tech Assessment for Project Managers | Remote Leadership Institute

Think People Don’t Really Matter?

Simply put, life goes better when humans we encounter are seen as people… again, seen as PEOPLE. This is underscored by current events, especially lately. In my experience thus far as a Project Manager, seeing people as people is key to successfully managing projects. I’m excited about the next speaker at PMI Central Indiana Chapter (PMICIC) because the topic is “People Matter: Know Your Talent”.

Being a member of Project Management Institute (PMI) and my journey to Project Management Professional certification has given me tools to work with that I frankly didn’t previously know existed. The PMBOK provides a detailed road map to help navigate any project. It doesn’t mean you take every route possible to get to your destination, but it’s really nice to have lots of options. Repeatedly throughout my studies and my interactions with PMI, it has been emphasized that Project Management is mostly about communication – and that’s means it’s about people. One can have the most technically correct and functional plan – but without people understanding it and engaging the plan… it’s incomplete.

I love being a member of a local chapter of PMI (PMICIC). When I think of my chapter, a word picture comes to my mind. PMI is a phenomenally recognized global organization and the PMBOK is a very technical road map, however PMICIC puts “skin” on all that for me. PMI majors in contemporary uses for tried and tested tools for any PM challenge. However, PMICIC adds the “people” part for me. I always learn a lot – and I can network with a host of local professionals – who’ve done this stuff in a context I can grasp and apply practically. And that’s real value, in my view.

Needless to say, I’m very happy that Ellen Decker will be speaking on July 20 for PMICIC’s monthly dinner. Her topic is “People Matter: Know Your Talent” and I’m looking forward to a powerful presentation that will help put “skin” on Project tools. Visit to learn about the dinner and much more about this powerful organization. If you are thinking about PMI, just do it. It’s worth it. And plug into a local chapter if at all possible. I really think you will be glad you did!


Think Applying for a Job is first with a Job Search? Think Again!


Material by Chris Maymire

I attend the local chapter of Business Professional Exchange.  Every week we have a lesson and some practice on getting a job.   I’ve learned a great deal so far. Below are notes I took of Mr. Waymire’s recent class on the Quality of Being.

What kind of BEING do you need in a job search?

BE AVAILABLE – Let people know you are available. Don’t assume they know.

BE NICE to everybody.

  • Help the interviewer be the best interviewer.
  • Use rejection letter to write NICE thank you letter reinforcing your skills (maybe they hired the wrong person…).


  • For what you want to be remembered for, be on your toes
  • Be appropriate in every interaction.
  • Be on your BEST behavior.


  • Use networking events and get to as many as you can. Networking is about establishing relationships.
  • Be together with people to network.
  • Be connected through networking. Seventy percent of people getting hired knew someone who did delegating bragging for them.


  • Be ENTHUSIASTIC… Smile! Ask Questions, be engaged.


  • What do you want? Be clear about it.
  • Be TARGETED – No shotgun resume approach.
  • DON’T look for the HR person, look for the person I can get my resume to who can get it to a decision maker


  • Embrace failure as a learning experience.
  • Every job search is a series of no’s followed by a yes.
  • Be COMMITTED. Don’t just dabble at a job search
  • Be IN CONTROL. Statistically, takes over 5 hours per day of focusing on Job search to be successful. Spend the time to become an expert at getting a job.

Be Informed

  • Be able to teach the interviewer. Do homework and digging ahead of time.

Be Healthy – can speak to your impression of commitment to the job.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – –

Our class then brainstormed “BE” Qualities and here are the combined results.

  • Be Timely —  10 or 15 minutes early.
  • Follow instructions on resumes
  • Where do I want to spend my time in my search?
  • Be Proactive —  Anticipate things, planning preparing, not waiting for someone to do it for you
  • Be Helpful – what goes around comes around… share Job Leads
  • Be Assertive – not aggression or pushy, but I have a right to ask
  • For what I want
  • Be Careful – Watch for scams and pitfalls, false assumptions
  • But proceed!
  • Watch for the minefields: not prepared for interview, late, cant find it, etc.
  • Be Teachable & Open minded
  • Willing to learn, able to take suggestions
  • Be a Mentor/Teacher to help others
  • Be Sensitive especially to other cultures.
  • Be Honest and Genuine
  • Be Hopeful
  • Be Respectful – treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Be Responsible – be a worker someone wants to employ
  • Be Upbeat – positive – don’t bad mouth previous employer
  • Be Diligent
  • Be Connected
  • Be Receptive
  • Be Prepared (Get good at interviewing)